Vegas Amjam
Vegas Am Jam LogoVegas Am Jam at Extreme Thing Sports & Music Festival - Desert Breeze Skatepark

2016 Vegas Am Jam Results (PDF)

COST: $10.00 per registration, per category


Extreme Thing 2016 AmJam Events Schedule
*All divisions will have one run in the street and vert section each unless otherwise noted in parenthesis

Competition will begin at 11:30 am

  1. BMX Advanced (2 runs in the bowls)
  2. Skateboard Advanced
  3. Skateboard Jr. Jam
  4. BMX Jr. Jam
  5. Skateboard Intermediate
  6. BMX Intermediate
  7. Scooter Beginner
  8. Scooter Intermediate
  9. Scooter Advanced

The skatepark gates will be closed for public use on April 2, 2016. 12PM – Competition begins.

Sign Up Info
SKateparkYou can sign up at Hollywood Community Center (1650 S. Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV), Desert Breeze Community Center (8275 West Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV) or Sunset Park Admin Building (2601 East Sunset Rd., Las Vegas, NV). Make checks payable to Clark County Parks and Recreation. Also accepted - cashiers checks & money orders.

Registration on site is available on a first come first serve basis.

Contest/Extreme Thing Event Entrance Information
Competitors will be able to enter the event/festival area. Parents and spectators will be able to view the competition from a designated area. If they wish to enter the festival/event they will need to purchase a ticket. Visit ticket page >>

Judging/ Competition Format:
Competitors will be judged on variety, style, skill, and amplitude. Competitors will be judged in a series of heats with up to 6 in a heat (subject to change due to time constraints and category enrollment) Skateboard will have 1 run in the bowl area and one run in the street course. BMX will have both runs in the bowl area and the BMX Advanced Category will have 2 runs in the bowl section with each run being 45 seconds long. Judging will be provided by local skate/bike shops or industry related representatives/volunteers.

A helmet is mandatory to compete and all other safety equipment is "strongly recommended".

We reserve the right to change competition format, class category, refuse entry, disqualify or suspend participants, or eject anyone from event premises as needed to provide a safe and organized competition event.